The joy and independence of reading on one’s own


When I think about how many people in this wide world are illiterate, or struggle to read, I get very sad.  Reading is such a source of joy for my family, a source of knowledge, a source of independence.  My kiddos saw how much we loved to read, and they wanted to dive right in and learn.  My daughter was 3.  I wasn’t going to hold her back.

Whether your dear child is 2 or 6, I hope you will take a moment to look over this blog.  I have tried to include the steps and tips that helped my kiddos become early readers. When I started teaching dear daughter, I struggled to find a clear and concise resource online.  I am writing this blog to pass on my experiences, and what worked for us, because some of my friends asked me how I taught my kids to read.  I am no expert, just a mom with some experience.

In class, kids are able to receive very sparse personal attention. At home, you can give them 15 or 30 minutes of dedicated time every day (or almost every day).  This dedicated time can take them from learning the sounds of the letters to reading books on their own, in relatively little time.  Certainly their are many children who need specialized intervention due to a learning disability, but using a calm and ordered approach to learning to read will benefit everyone.  I hope my experiences and methods are useful to you, or set you on your journey to your own approach.

Happy Reading!!

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