No quick fix here!


It drives me bonkers (I know, nice technical term there) to see how many “teach your child to read” sites and blogs are about teaching your itty bitty barely walking baby to read chapter books.  If that is what you want, please look elsewhere.  Want a way to teach your child to read in only three weeks?  Again, look somewhere else.

Reading is one of the most difficult things we help our children learn.  Just because some parent has a child who was reading Harry Potter at 2 doesn’t mean that every child should be, or that the approach that parent took will work for every child.  I have tried to lay out in this site the basic steps it takes to teach a child to read using phonics.  It is a long slog.  Some kids will pick it up faster than others, but they will all get there if they have the right support along the way.  I hope to help you give that support.  So, start setting aside 15-30 minutes a day (or whatever your child will tolerate), and have fun along the way.  If your child is very active, why not make a game of it?  My mother taught me my multiplication tables by having me jump around the blobs on our patterned rug – if I got the right answer I got to jump to another blob.  I wanted to jump, so I worked on getting the answer faster.  Silly, I know, but I still remember both the game and the answers!

As with every other aspect of parenting, modify what I propose so that it works for you and your family.  So please, take a look at the steps I suggest, and let me know what worked for your child.

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