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I want to be clear from the start – I have no training in how to teach someone to read, and intend this site to be a stepping stone for those who want to get their kids started with the fundamental knowledge of how to decipher letters and fluently read. Why, I’m sure you’re asking, should I pay any attention to some random woman who doesn’t know anything? Maybe you shouldn’t, but I think you might want to, so I hope you will keep reading.

I have two children. Both are adopted from a foreign country where English is not a dominant language. While my daughter came home young enough that she was ore-verbal, my son came home at 18 months and after having already heard two languages and begun to speak one. English and speech have come a little slower than they did for his sister, though not in a way that was out-of-the-norm enough to warrant intervention from a professional.

When my daughter came to me at a young age, trying to figure out how to read words in a book, I realized that I could wait until school taught her how to read, or I could step in and see if I could help her grasp the basics. She was hungry for knowledge and I didn’t see a benefit to preventing her from at least trying. I went online to try to figure out what to do, but found only dispersed information that didn’t seem very relevant to my little one or our home learning environment. In case there are others out there, who want to start this journey with their child, or supplement what their child is getting in school, I am detailing the methodology and resources that worked for our family. Following this approach, which was created using trial and error with my two children, both of our kids were really reading by 4. They also both love to read, and now choose to do so on their own.

I look forward to hearing from you about what works, or doesn’t, in your family. I would imagine teachers and those with much more experience and training will also have something to add. I hope this ends up being a useful blog that helps your children unlock the written world around them!


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Dorcey Rose

    Our local newspaper, The Tampa Bay Times, had a recent letter to the editor about reading successes and failures in our pubic schools and they said whatever happened to parents teaching their children to read. I thought of your blog when I read it.


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