LAZ Readers



At $7.99 for a set of 10 books, this is a deal.  The books download to your device in one group, and you do not lose access to them, because they are not part of a subscription.  I used the same sets for both kids, just as I used the same hard books.

A huge advantage of the LAZ Readers is that the earlier sets include reading comprehension questions at the end of the book.  The questions start with the basics, questions about the story to ensure that the child understands the words they are reading.  The questions progress to differences between fact and fiction, analysis of why a character would have behaved a certain way, etc.  My daughter was ready for the questions.  My son, while he could answer questions about the story itself, was not developmentally at a place where he was ready for analysis.  So, I used the questions verbatim with my daughter, and created my own questions for my son.  Again, I tailored my approach to what appeared to be the child’s ability, based on how hard they had to struggle and how successful they were.

The LAZ Readers are also a wonderful blend of fiction and non-fiction.  I loved the exposure to both, and the non-fiction was usually (not always) about something they found interesting (e.g., making lemonade, how a clown gets ready to perform).


Because the readers are on the iPad, it was harder to point to words, because if our fingers hit the screen then the page turned.  There is also supposed to be a function of touching an underlined word to get a definition.  For us, it was glitchy and we would try to turn a page and instead get a definition.

There is no way to navigate to the beginning of the book or to a specific page.  This was most problematic if we needed to review something to answer a reading comprehension question.

The comprehension questions at the end do not continue through the higher levels.  It seems as if the company forgot to scan those pages, so you get the full text of the book but no questions.  People have posted comments to the company but this has not been changed, as of writing of this blog.



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