Step 2 – Let’s Get Reading!


Once my kids knew their letter names and sounds, I struggled with where to go.  It is a big jump from knowing letter sounds to sounding out words.  Honestly, however, that transition seemed to happen very quickly.  I can’t even remember what I did to facilitate this jump!  My recollection is that I just dove into their first books, and walked them slowly through sounding out the words.

Most of the pre-readers and early readers I found were not based on phonics, and included words my kids had no capacity to read. I wanted something very basic, that would help my kids understand that they could put to use those sounds they had just learned, and to give them the huge sense of accomplishment that comes with reading a book for the first time.

I ended up with the BOB Books. They were perfect! The first page of the first book is one word, and a word that my kids could sound out: Mat. Success!  We began with the Bob Books, Set 1, Beginning Readers.  We skipped the earlier sets because they didn’t seem to add value to the way I was teaching my kids.  For more on why I chose the BOB books, click here.

Next up:

Squishing Sounds Together – Words!

Reading the First Book

Books 2 through…



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