Squishing Sounds Together – Words!


If, like me, you choose the BOB books, you will see that the first book requires your child to read the following words: Mat, sat, on, Sam, The, End.

For the first few books, I planned ahead, and put the new words on index cards.  Before starting the book, we started with the index cards for that book.  So, for this first book, I had six cards.  We slogged through sounding out all of the words (except “the,” which I explained was a “funny” or “irregular” word and just had to be memorized).

Be patient!  Go slowly!  Give your child time to process all of this new information and try hard to pull the sounds together.  It’s that pulling together of sounds that is hard.  For example, my dear son would repeatedly say “m… a…. t…” and consider himself done.  We spent a fair amount of time (over weeks) on the concept of “squishing the sounds together.”  I always accompanied the word “squish” with a hand signal – two hands squishing together the air.  There is a Sesame Street clip on this from when I was a kid, and I thought of it every time I talked to dear son about this step.  If it’s helpful for your child to see some Muppets explain the concept, here are two good Sesame Street clips:


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