Step 5 – Leveled Readers


Now that my kids were proficient phonics readers, it was time to get them into more complex words and stories.  I went back to the library and the book store, and failed, again, to find readers that were the right level and approach for them.  I ended up using the LAZ Readers on the iPad.  They were perfect.  $7.99 for each leveled set, with a free one in each level available for download.

I downloaded several of the free samples, and had my child read them progressively (Level C, then Level D, etc.) until they tried one that was too difficult.  Then, I went back one level and purchased the entire set, so they could get practice at a level that was slightly difficult but not all struggle.  We progressed through the books in each level, and through the levels, until they were ready for the next step – chapter books.As with previous steps, we progressed book by book through the level, then reviewed until they were relatively fluent at that level.  We kept up the sight words, and even the kids could see how much difference they made.  The first time they read a sentence of all sight words was a happy moment!


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