Books on Diversity and Civil Rights


I’m hearing a lot of calls right now for help identifying books that teach about diversity and civil rights.  Regardless of your political persuasion, these are concepts we can all get behind, and that will benefit our kids as they try to understand the emotion in post-election America.  The more books we read that contain diverse characters and difficult topics, the better we and our children will be equipped to talk about race, religion, sexuality, and other differences that make us whole we are.  A word about the links: the title for each link is meant as a shorthand for the predominant topic or a description of the main characters.  These are all books for all of us!  So, choose a list and head to your local library or bookstore!

So here are links to a number a of book lists that focus on these topics.  Know of other book lists that are helpful, or have a favorite that isn’t listed?  Please comment!

Books to teach about diversity
50 books discussing diversity
Books on diversity and bullying

Books about religious diversity
Books on transgender and gender non-conforming kids

Books that Affirm Black Boys – scroll down for books about black boys, divided into age categories 

Books that Affirm Black Girls – scroll down for books about black girls, divided into age categories

More books with black main characters
Books about black history in America
10 books on the Civil Rights Movement
15 books on the Civil Rights Movement
A comprehensive list of multicultural children’s books
Good list of Latino children’s books, but difficult site organization
Hispanic heritage picture books
Asian children’s books